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Welcome to Cowin Color

Cowin Color has been the leading manufacturer of underglaze colors for decorating ceramic products since 1992.  As a pioneer in the development of ceramic colors, Cowin Color not only offers unique decorating products but also special, innovative products for decoration systems. Our colors and various decoration materials have always been considered as professional with gain from our long year experiences.


Underglazes Series 50
Temp. 1100-1300 C

Concentrated, intense and opaque colors used for brushwork designs, airbrushing, lining and dipping techniques. Especially good for water color effects and painting of fine detail, colors dry quickly and smoothly.

Tempera Underglaze

Tempera Underglazes
Temp. 1100-1300 C

Colors are semi opaque, produce with special characteristic for variety applications; brush painting, rolling, screen printing, spraying, dipping and sponge decoration on greenware and bisques.


Underglazes Series 39
Temp. 920-1160 C

These new series underglazes are brilliant concentrated colors specifically formulated for low fire, earthenware on greenware or bisque, then a covering glaze is used. Liquid colors are perfectly smooth and versatile.

Color Stain

Color Stains

High performance, quality ceramic color stains, superfine particle size and ready to use. Suitable for decorating with decal, colored glazes, inglaze and underglazes. color earthenware, stoneware and porcelain.

Wax Resist

Wax Resist

Water based wax resist for painting on surface glaze, engobe or underglaze color then dipping with another color, R-419 will act to reject the glazes.

Liquid Dispenser

Liquid Dispenser

FlowCon liquid dispenser, automatic time program with high accuracy, the machine is used in wide range of applications and various industries.

About us

Cowin Color was the former management of Jakramol Ceramic in 1986 and became Amarin Ceramics Corp. in 1992.  At present Cowin Color is the manufacturer and supplier a wide variety of ceramic decorating products to ceramic factories, pottery hobby and universities.

Cowin Map

Cowin Color Co., Ltd.

240 Thakham Road, Samaedam, Bangkhunthian, Bangkok 10150